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…was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). ” It’s amazing what those little needles can do!” -Billie Parsons “This was the first time Susie has ever had a procedure...read more


…was diagnosed with cervical IVDD.

“…I truly believe that if we hadn’t gone this route, we would have ended up without Bo.” -Danny Coffey

“When my veterinarian referred us to Dr. Nie, we were a little skeptical about acupuncture treatment. Bo was unable to walk and kept falling and couldn’t get up, but we were not going to even think about putting him down. He is our child, so to speak. After the first round of acupuncture he showed little improvement but after the second treatment he started a complete turnaround, walking better, a little more active but still not the best. Following the third treatment, he really improved a lot. He wanted to run and jump in the yard but we had to restrict his activities while he healed so he wouldn’t reinjure himself. He continued to improve even after he came off his medications. I truly believe that if we hadn’t gone this route, we would have ended up without him. The IVDD is not keeping Bo from being a pet and buddy again for our family.”
-Danny Coffey

Our Mission

Integrating a more Natural Approach to Promote Whole-Body Health with Conventional Veterinary Medicine in order to Help Our Patients’ Harness Their Own Bodies’ Innate Ability to Heal and Optimize Health

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