Some Useful Resources for Clients

Photonic Health (Red Light Therapy)

Use the link below to find the red light devices I recommend for treating conditions like I treat in my patients.
Use the following code at checkout for a $25 discount off your order, Enter Code: IVSMO$25OFF

PEMF (Magna Wave)

Use the link below to learn more about PEMF and to find the devices I use on my patients. These are the best made, warranted and supported units available. Be sure to tell the Magna Wave folks Dr. Nie sent you. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about or need guidance about which device might be best for your circumstances. I have and use a variety of the devices available and have many years of experience with them.

Answers Pet Food

“Integrating Raw Feeding and Science” Answers Pet Food is the most complete nutrition on the planet for your dog or cat and we use it to promote life-long health and help our patients recover from chronic disease.

Young Living Essential Oils

Click the link below and register for an account to purchase Essential Oils directly. You will have a choice of registering for a regular retail account or a member account that allows you to purchase EO’s and other products at a 24% discount off of regular retail prices. There are also tons of other benefits for members that you will find highly valuable. Initially, enrolling as a member will entitle you to purchase a premium starter kit full of EO’s with very common everyday uses at a discount much deeper than 24%.

Platinum Performance

Use the following link to order the supplements recommended by Dr. Nie using his Prescribing Veterinarian Direct Dispense ID: Ni1

Standard Process

Register for an account by clicking this link and using Patient Direct Code: KSY2TB