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A Natural, Whole Body Approach to Allergies

Allergies are the signs and symptoms (i.e., pathology) that eventually develop from dysfunction in multiple body systems. Dysfunction in the immune system leads to an inappropriate response to some substances (allergens). A conventional approach to itchiness may involve testing to identify what a patient is allergic to using allergy skin testing, blood tests, food trials, etc., but most often treatment (with steroids or other drugs) is simply prescribed to reduce the signs and symptoms. Seldom is consideration given to why the immune system is behaving inappropriately in the first place or providing the body what it needs to make meaningful changes in the dysfunctional body systems. Appropriate nervous system regulation as well as support from multiple other body systems is necessary for appropriate immune system function. Regardless of what the allergen is that stimulates an inappropriate immune response, if a body is provided appropriate ingredients it can often improve its immune function and reduce the signs and symptoms of an allergy. At IVSMO, we take a whole body approach to treat patients with signs and symptoms of immune system dysfunction. Normalizing nervous system function through chiropractic adjustment and/or acupuncture treatments along with a comprehensive treatment plan that supports function of all body systems (using whole food nutrition, energy supplementation, emotional balance, etc.) is necessary to give the body what it needs to make meaningful changes in the immune system. Let us know if we can help you with your itchy pet.

Our Mission

Integrating a more Natural Approach to Promote Whole-Body Health with Conventional Veterinary Medicine in order to Help Our Patients’ Harness Their Own Bodies’ Innate Ability to Heal and Optimize Health

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