Sincere Testimonies from Happy Clients

Lora Newman discusses the benefits of equine chiropractic care in her own horses. Dr. Gary Nie works as a team with the client and regular veterinarian to bring health back to the horse.

Helen was unwilling to give up on “Flash” when his future looked questionable. She describes how she found IVSMO and how Dr. Nie was able to help her “little man” walk again.

Stephanie remembers “Hannah” and how Dr. Nie helped her enjoy a good quality of life as she battled chronic kidney disease.

Tony Menown discusses the benefits his companion, “Laddie,” has received from Complementary & Alternative Veterinary Medical Care.

Lora Newman discusses how Dr. Nie works as a team with referring veterinarians.

Tina Thompson discusses how her dog, “Spanky,” has benefited from Dr. Nie’s care.

Sandy Wilson expresses her feelings about the care Dr. Nie has provided for her dog “Charlie Brown.”

Pam Wheeler describes what happened to “Shamus” and how Dr. Nie has been able to help him over many months of treatment.

Kim Nichols discusses how Dr. Nie helped her companion “Sookie” when she had a sore, painful back. Now “Sookie” is doing great, active and playing with Kim’s other companions.

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