If you would like to learn more about how integrating Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medical (CAVM) care and management with your conventional veterinary medical care can benefit your patient, please contact Dr. Nie to discuss your case.

You or your client can call 417-866-2923 to schedule an initial evaluation and consultation appointment for their animal. Please complete and forward a referral form and all applicable medical record information including laboratory tests by fax or email prior to your client’s appointment.

Radiographs, if available, should be mailed, email, or sent with the client. This allows Dr. Nie to review details of the case prior to the initial appointment. Additional copies of the record and/or radiographs may be sent with your client on the day of the consultation appointment. Radiographs will be returned by your client or by mail.

Small animal patients are routinely seen at Angel Animal Hospital in Springfield, MO, however Dr. Nie will travel to your hospital or the owner’s location, if desired. Equine cases are seen at the owner’s location, at your hospital or at our haul-in facility north of Fair Grove. When small animal patients are seen away from Angel Animal Hospital or for equine cases, a travel fee will apply unless a minimum number of patients are scheduled at the same location.