Make An Appointment for Your Dog, Cat, or Other Small Animal

Call 417-866-2923 to schedule an appointment for your pet’s initial evaluation and consultation.

If you have a referring veterinarian, please request your pet’s medical information be forwarded to IVSMO before your appointment, if possible. Refer your veterinarian to the information at this site for referring veterinarians. If your pet’s medical information cannot be forwarded prior to the initial appointment, please bring the information with you. Providing all pertinent information about your pet’s medical condition will help Dr. Nie provide a better initial evaluation and consultation.

Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete the paperwork necessary to establish your account and your pet’s record. You can save time at your initial visit by completing the following forms before arriving,

  • Consent Form
  • Initial Questionnaire Form

You should plan for at least 60-90 minutes for an initial evaluation and consultation. Subsequent visits typically require 30-60 minutes. Please complete the following form before your pet’s next visit and bring it with you.

  • Follow-up Visit Questionnaire Form

As a general rule, dog and cat patients are seen at Angel Animal Hospital, Springfield, MO. However, Dr. Nie will travel to your location, if desired. In some circumstances a home visit may be more appropriate for your pet’s follow-up treatments. When patients are seen away from Angel Animal Hospital, a travel fee applies unless a minimum number of patients are scheduled at the same location.

You are welcome to bring along your pet’s favorite toy, treat, or bedding to help ensure their complete comfort and relaxation during their visit. Dr. Nie will examine your pet, answer any questions you may have and discuss whether Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medical (CAVM) care and management is appropriate for your pet’s condition. If additional diagnostic information is needed or CAVM care and management is not appropriate for your pet’s condition, Dr. Nie will discuss other options and refer you back to your traditional care veterinarian or other appropriate professional.

If Dr. Nie feels your pet will benefit from CAVM care and management, he will typically administer the first treatment at the initial visit. Subsequent treatments are scheduled as appropriate for your pet’s condition. If your pet was referred by your veterinarian (rDVM), Dr. Nie returns a report of his evaluation and treatment plan to the rDVM following each visit.